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1916- circa 1935

During these years, a long time afterwards, Weston was a household word wherever axemen gathered. The name is to this day in 2002, recognised

within the older generations who have followed the history of the sport of woodchopping and its unique culture.


CHARLES WESTON-A VETERAN AXEMAN (reported in The Sporting Globe, circa 1923)

Fondly known to all axemen as "dad", Charles Weston was born in Bendigo in 1877, when he was very young, the family moved to Trentham in Victoria. He spent most of his life among timber. At the age of 15, he won his first chop at Kyneton and competed until 1934. At 16 years of age, he won the underhand event at Daylesford and followed this success for several years in the Trentham district. In 1902, he was in West Australia and competed at many carnivals. He won 4 events at Collie alone, and in one of these he cut through a 20 inch jarrah log in 1 minute and 41 seconds.  At Sawyer's Valley in the same area, he and his brother Bill (William) carried off the double. On his return to Victoria, he went into business at Lyonville and was out of the game for some time.He "dad" had a shrewd business instinct, and it may have been this that caused him to specialise in handicaps rather than championships… but he had no hard and fast rule about this for in 1909 he won the standing and underhand championships of Victoria on 18 inch logs, and then won the 20 inch underhand championship of Victoria. In 1912 he competed at the Brisbane Show and won the standing block championship of Queensland, finishing an 18 inch block in 52 seconds. He repeated this performance at the same place the following year. At the A.N.A. carnival at the Exhibition Oval in 1913, he won the limited handicap.In double-handed sawing , the Weston brothers make a great combination and they have won many events. The veteran realises that a man cannot go on for ever, and the calls of business must be heeded, for travelling to and from meetings takes up a lot of time. "Dad" is held in very high respect among his peers.


Significant Wood Chopping Performances (in part-not complete)

1916     Royal Melbourne Show             18" Standing Block                    3rd

1922     Royal Melbourne Show             50" Standing Block                    2nd

                                                            Teams Race                              1st

1923     Royal Melbourne Show             50" Standing Block                    3rd

                                                            42" Standing Block                    1st-Gold Medal

                                                            Teams Race                              1st

1926     Bairnsdale,Victoria,27th March  Standing Block                         1st

                                                             Underhand                               2nd

            Sydney Royal Easter Show       Commonwealth D.H.Saw18"   2nd

                                                             Commonwealth S.B. 15"         1st

                                                             D.H.Sawing Handicap              2nd

                                                             15"S.B. off scratch                   4th

                                                             Teams Race off scratch             1st

                                                             Consultation Chop                    2nd

(Charles Weston continued):    


Appeared several weeks on stage at Tivoli Theatre Sydney-Demonstrating.       

            Brisbane National Show            30"S.B.Teams Race                  3rd

            Dandenong, Victoria Axeman's Carnival 42" S.B.

            Ulverstone, Tasmania                 D.H.Saw Braddon Cup             2nd (equal with  

                                                                                                              Turnbull Bros.

                                                            Hamilton Cup 18"U.H. 3rd


1927     Dandenong, Victoria                  42"S.B.

            Ulverstone, Tasmania                 D.H.Saw Braddon Cup             2nd


1929     Royal Melbourne Show             15"S.B.                                     1st


1930     Dandenong, Victoria Axeman's Carnival 50"U.H.Vic Ch'ship    Cup and Gold Medal

            Ulverstone, Tasmania                 S.B.Centenary Cup                   1st

                                                Competed until 1934.




 A distinct vaudeville novelty is now provided at the Tivoli,

The Weston brothers, famous Victorian axemen and woodchoppers,

and holders of many championships are demonstrating the remarkable

 skills that took away most of the prizes at the Royal Easter Show. Those

who have never seen a wood chopping contest may be inclined to doubt the

entertainment value of such an exhibition, but every year at the Melbourne and

Sydney Shows, it is the most popular attraction for the crowds. The remarkable skill

and precision  with which the tall bushmen wield their axes is a revelation, and

the Tivoli management has shown commendably enterprise in securing such return.

The Weston brothers will be assisted by two other well known axemen."


 WILLIAM (BILL) WESTON- A CHAMPION AXEMAN (reported in the Sporting Globe circa 1924)

 Champion axeman Charlie Miley, often stated that he rated Bill Weston as one of the greatest axemen Australia had produced. He was 6 foot in height and weighed 15 stone 7 lb. At the age of 19 he won the underhand handicap in Perth. Soon after that he won the Australian Championship in 1906. At Eltham, N.Z. in 1907 he won the standing block handicap and in 1908 at Dannerkville, N.Z. broke the N.Z. underhand record by getting through an 18 inch log in70 seconds. After some years in the New Zealand forests, he came back to Victoria. He won many events in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, West Australia and New Zealand. Later in his wood chopping career he accepted the position of demonstrator of Australasia for E.C.Atkin's & Co. crosscut saws. There is not much that Bill did  not know about a cross-cut saw.


Charlie Miley and the Weston brothers, the leading three of the old axemen, were always out to help the beginners.


Significant wood chopping performances ( in part-not complete)

1922     Royal Melbourne Show             Teams Race                              1st

1923     Royal Melbourne Show             Teams Race                              1st

1926     Bairnsdale, Victoria                   Standing Block                          1st

                                                            Underhand Chop                      2nd

            Sydney Royal Easter Show       Commonwealth D.H.Saw 18"   2nd

                                                            Commonwealth S.B. 15"           2nd

                                                            D.H.Sawing Handicap               2nd

                                                            Teams Race off scratch              1st

                                                            Consultation Chop                     2nd

Appeared several weeks on stage at Tivoli Theatre, Sydney-demonstrating

            Ulverstone, Tasmania                 D.H.Saw Braddon Cup             2nd (equal with Turnbull Bros)   

                                                            Hamilton Cup 18" U.H.             3rd


August 26th Eldest daughter of William died- William now living in Australia-Commercial traveller


1927     Dandenong, Victoria                  S.H.Sawing                               2nd

Ulverstone,Tasmania                  Braddon Cup,D.H.Saw             2nd

Hamilton Cup                            18" U.H.                                   3rd


1928     Royal Melbourne Show             U.H. 42"                                   1st

Brisbane National Show            S.B.13"                                     2nd

                                                16" Q'land Championship          2nd

                                                S.H.Saw off scratch                  2nd

                                                D.H.Saw                                   1st

Sydney Royal Easter Show       D.H.Saw                                  4th

                                                15" S.B.            Final                  retired

                                                15"U.H. N.S.W.Ch'ship            2nd



(William Weston continued):



1928 (cont'd)Latrobe,Tasmania, World Championships

                                                Henry Cup S.H.Saw                  2nd

                                                Braddon Cup D.H.Saw Ch'ship 1st                   

 1929 Royal Melbourne             S.B.15" Ch'ship                          2nd
              Dandenong                       S.H.Saw 48"                              3rd
              Ulverstone                        Braddon Cup D.H.Saw             2nd
                                                            Henry Cup S.H.Saw                  3rd
            1930 Royal Melbourne S.B. 15" Ch'ship                        2nd
            Dandenong                       U.H.H'cap 48"                          1st

        Ulverstone Centenary Championships. W.(Bill) Weston unable to compete. Injured both hands training.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 Competed until 1935

Weston Murray William Charlie Weston
Westons Charles Weston

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